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"40" LED Photo/Video Slim Panel
"40" LED Photo/Video Slim Panel
"40" LED Photo/Video Slim Panel 1
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40 LED Photo/Video Slim Panel

Wanting some additional light for your camera but unwilling to carry around a heavy bulky cinematographic light source?

You know longer need to with the brilliant Hama 40 LED Photo/Video Slim Lighting Panel. The integrated-flash in cameras is very good but often you can find yourself needing more; for example if recordings are made in closed dark rooms where only an additional continuous light source can ensure watchable films.

The Hama 40 LED Photo/Video Slim Lighting Panel is the perfect answer to this problem with it being light and containing a battery-operated LED lamp this product being as compact as a packet of cigarettes is the perfect accessory. The attached defuser is great for making the light softer and the orange filter can be used to create warmer tones for filming. The lighting panel can be connected to the camera via the flash shoe and is capable of being bent in all directions. The quarter inch connection thread allows you to use a tripod where necessary and the light panel can give you at least an hours worth of extra lighting where high performance batteries are used. This product is fantastic for getting the right lighting and maximising the quality for all your pictures.

Ultra-lightweight beautifully designed panel lighting with 42 high-end LEDs with 1670 lux/1 m for shadow-free illumination of subjects in close-up and macro photography
- The flexible arm enables optimum variable positioning of the lighting panel
- Optimum illumination for a uniform shadow-free shot
- For digital video and photo cameras with flash shoe
- Is attached to the camera´s flash connection
- Suitable for any type of photo and video shooting
- With dimmer
- With integrated 1/4 (6.4 mm) thread mount for attaching external lights to a tripod
- Includes an attached diffusor with 6500 K for making the light softer and an orange filter with 3400 K which can be used to create warm light

Note for Consumers:
For cameras without flash shoe the 1/4 threaded connection can be adapted via the flash bracket.

What's in the Box
- 1 40 LED photo/video slim panel
- 1 diffusor
- 1 orange filter
- Batteries not included in delivery

Battery Type: Micro AAA
Number of Batteries: 3
Operating Time: 1 h
Colour temperature: Day Light
Depth: 2 cm
Height: 5 cm
Width: 8 cm
Weight: 178 g

Manufacturer Name: Hama Products

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