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Nano Bluetooth USB Adapter version 3.0+EDR class1
Nano Bluetooth USB Adapter version 3.0+EDR class1
Nano Bluetooth USB Adapter version 3.0+EDR class1 1
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Nano Bluetooth USB Adapter version 3.0+EDR class1

Poor digital TV connection?

After a long day at work do you come home to put your feet up and watch some TV to find that you have a poor signal connection with programs going in and out of signal? Or do you have to work late and as a result have to regularly miss your favourite TV program with no means to record it? If this is you then Hama has the perfect solution for you with the brilliant Nano USB DVB-T Receiver a device capable of multiple functions.

Fantastic Digital Connectivity

Experience fantastic TV connectivity with this Nano USB DVB-T Receiver from Hama which gives you fantastic digital TV reception in an ultra compact design for sitting neatly in any house.

With a brilliant frequency between 48 and 360 Mhz this DVB-T Receiver is fast and reliable and comes with an automatic station search and integrated electronic program guide so you can find the desired TV program via a menu without having to spend several minutes flicking through channels to find something you want to watch. As well as providing optimum digital TV to your house the DVB-T Receiver comes with time shifted recording and reproduction on to the hard disk in MPEG2 quality so you can record your favourite programs without worrying about missing them and even better you can play them back at your very own convenience. Furthermore the DVB-T Receiver comes with a multimedia application.

With this Nano USB DVD-T Receiver you will not be disappointed and can enjoy hours of uninterupted TV or recordings at a great price!

- Universal mini Bluetooth adapter for easy wireless data exchange between a PC or notebook and other Bluetooth devices (e.g. mobile phone PDA printer etc.)
- The use of two dongles makes direct data exchange between two computers possible
- Bluetooth version 3.0 +EDR (downward compatible with version 2.1 2.0 and 1.2)
- Tiny with a size of 19 x 13 x 4 mm

System Requirements:
- Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Data Transfer Rate: 3 Mbit/s
Max. Range: 100 m
USB Standard: USB 2.0
Bluetooth Class: Class 1
Bluetooth Version: 3.0 + DER

Manufacturer Name: Hama Products

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